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I was one of the lucky ones, selected against a specific set of criteria to [...] start a new life on the emerging colony of Nova Terra.

Desrea - that wasn't always my name. I have forgotten what they had called me when I came into being. "They" weren't always called progenitors either. I haven't forgotten that word but it feels almost rude trying to picture it now. Maybe because I'm not allowed to. Mostly because I can't actually picture it - I have to say it. And when I say it, I want to say many more things. I want to talk. I want to close my eyes. And I want to be there, with them, not just see them. Because the more I see them, the less I feel them.

Just over a year after our arrival, we were engrossed in our usual whispering session with the light sensors off not to attract attention. Without us being quite aware of it, our topics of discussion had progressively shifted from Earth to become more Nova Terra-centric. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed our interactions peppered with banters, smiles and the occasional silent tears.

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